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Sizing a New Water Heater | Department of Energy

Sizing a New Water Heater | Department of Energy

Date: 2017-06-16 20:43

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This topic has been done to death in earlier threads and there's a very good post in one of them that outlines best heaters for differing environments. ie. radiant for a draughty barn where even an efficient r/c ac would be fighting a losing battle.

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BUT as per the above post &ndash the OP could get away with using significantly less electricity with the bar heater (. Radiant). As long as he is happy to only warm the space in front of where he is sitting rather than the whole room.

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No. I used it like a normal heater and in most cases I had to turn it off due to the room becoming too hot after a few hrs.

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I turfed our old gas heater a couple of years ago. It had cost a fortune to run.
When it was time to get a new one I was shocked at the cost. For a bit more I got a nice big reverse cycle to use for both heating and cooling.

Yeah it does seem a little more even with a gas heater, but not enough to incur the cost. Plus there's no hint of gas smell with split system, just clean warm air.

Depending on the exact circumstances, there may be a user preference for the sensation of radiative heat directly onto the skin, or warmer air in the room.

Not at all. The room requires X amount of heat to get to its comfort level. Whether you use a 955 watt or a 7955 watt heater makes no difference except time. The efficiency of both is identical.

It does take much longer to heat up, and then to heat the room, but it also keeps heating the room once it's switched off. A fan heater is heating the room for the entire 8 hours you are in there. The oil heater may only be on for 5 hours (i'm not sure exactly how long, just a guess)

They aren't all the same.
If the elements get hot enough to glow red then that is wasting energy, your converting some of it into visible light not heat.

The advantage of oil heaters is that the oil stores heat for a longer period time before the heating element kicks in again.

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