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Видео: PC Power Management | Energy Saving Software - Faronics

Date: 2017-05-01 11:07

Chinese Power Saver - Does it actually save power?

Power Saver review biggest Scam 2011 Save 25% on Your Electric Bill!

200kW miracle power saving device.

30kW energy saver plug teardown and schematic

Обзор Power Saver - устройства экономия электроэнергии

Тест Power Saver Electricity Energy 35% 18KW в реальных условиях .

Energy Saving Devices -shows How to Save Electricity 25%!


EEVblog #848 - Home Energy Savers BUSTED!

Electricity Saving Box - (Free Energy?) Power Saver TEST

Power Energy Saver из CHINA

SMART ENERGY SAVER , Build with PF Software

Power Pro Energy Saver Demo

Teardown and test of a home power saving plug.

Commercial Power Saver Project

Electricity Saving Box

Jagitial lo Sai max 3G Power saver in jagitial near natraj theatre beside

Whole house power saver box install. I need your help!

Energy Efficient Products Demonstration (Lowers Power Bill 10-25%)

Mga energy saving device, hindi totoong nakakatipid

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