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The 'Hammer of Thor' unearthed in Denmark | Daily Mail Online

The 'Hammer of Thor' unearthed in Denmark | Daily Mail Online

Date: 2017-05-04 20:43

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An Irminsul ( Old Saxon , probably great/mighty pillar or arising pillar ) was a kind of column that played an important role in the Germanic paganism of the Saxon people. The oldest chronicle describing an Irminsul refers to it as a tree trunk erected in the open air. The purpose of the Irminsuls and the implications thereof have been the subject of considerable scholarly discourse and speculation for hundreds of years. It is definitely related to Yggdrasil above though.

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In Slavic languages and in Chinese, Thursday is the fourth day, while the Greeks and Portuguese refer to Thursday as the fifth day.

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With the fork of the Stang as the vagina and the shaft as the penis, the Stang is representative of the Great Rite: the sacred union of god and goddess man and woman. The Stang can be representative of the four elements, replacing the athame and the chalice in the Great Rite (air and water) used as a wand (fire) and thrust into the ground (earth). The Stang is an alternative to each of the usual ritual tools. One tool does it all!

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Celtic pendant with a central sun circle intertwined with a triskele knot. Available in sterling silver, 69k yellow gold, and 69k white gold.

Vikings used a number of ancient symbols based on Norse mythology. Symbols played a vital role in the Viking society and were used to represent their gods, beliefs and myths. Some Viking symbols remain mysterious and their meaning is still unknown, but there are also many ancient symbols that have clear messages.

Mjollnir is Old Norse for 8775 Crusher, 8776 it has etymological ties with the Proto-Indo-European 8775 Mol, 8776 which means 8775 Crush 8776 . This has carried on into many modern languages, including Spanish (Molida = Crushed).

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The Th in the golden ratio. Theta. The Wolf 8767 s cross worn through the mouth is related to speech in my opinion off-the-cuff. Which would lead to the spoken word (as in Oral Traditions) and the SPOKE and WORD would revolve around . Pi.

This large and gorgeous piece is multilayered with references to Yggdrasil in the roots at the bottom and the Midgard Serpent wrapped around the trunk.

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