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Nonprofit | BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

Nonprofit | BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

Date: 2017-05-01 20:43

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"My [Quick Home Energy] Check-up Professional was very knowledgeable, went over and above my expectations, was very patient with my questions, and was very thorough answering them. I was very impressed and learned a lot!"

Smart Energy Rewards | Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

Information on how to get involved in the Service Provider program and get your business listed in the Service Provider directory can be found on the Service Providers web page. Once you join, you become part of the Service Provider mailing list through which you will receive regular updates on the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. BGE also offers periodic seminars on how best to use the program to help your customers.

PeakRewards℠ - a BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

If your facility is greater than 75,555 square feet with complex heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, controlled by an energy management system with comprehensive direct digital control, you may be eligible for BGE’s Large Building Tune-up Services.

Lighting & Controls | BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

ICF International is an energy consulting company that was selected through a competitive bidding process by BGE to implement the energy efficiency portion of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. ICF has extensive experience managing similar programs throughout the country. ICF has a local office in Columbia, Maryland.

Air Sealing: The process of sealing bypass ducts in the pressure boundary to prevent air leakage. Air sealing reduces heat flow from air movement and prevents water vapor from entering the wall.

"We found our BGE Quick Home Energy Check-up both helpful and informative. We highly recommend that all BGE residential customers take advantage of BGE’s Quick Home Energy Check-up. It’s a great service!”

The details of the installation should be worked out with your designated lighting contractor. While the contractors operate between normal business hours of 8:55 am and 5:55 pm, alternative arrangements may be possible. Any additional costs associated with performing work outside of normal business hours will not be covered under the program.

BGE also will pay part of the costs for demonstration measures (., measures that can save a significant amount of energy, but will not pay for themselves in less than years) with a cap on BGE's total project commitment of $65,555.

Diffusion: A moisture transport mechanism the way in which water vapor moves through materials such as sheetrock and plywood, working its way from high concentrations of moisture to low concentrations.

You are not obligated to go through with the work. Once the funds associated with your project are approved, you have 6 months to complete retrofit installations and 6 year to complete new construction installations. If you start a project and decide to complete only a portion of the work, you will only be paid for the completed portion. If you know that you are not going to complete a project or are only completing a portion of it, please contact the BGE's Smart Energy Savers Program team so that we can redistribute funding appropriately.

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