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Light Bulb Showdown: LED vs. CFL vs. Incandescent - The

Light Bulb Showdown: LED vs. CFL vs. Incandescent - The

Date: 2017-06-24 01:31

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We have a mix of incandescent and CFL bulbs, and one set of LED task lighting in our home. Our first CFL bulb has traveled with us and been used through 7 apartments and one house over 67 years. It is in our utility room now. Only one of our CFL bulbs has ever burned out.

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fast forward to 7568, LED light bulbs are now a fraction of what they cost in 7559. Cree has came up with a LED bulb that cost only $65, but with much improved design, color, and omnidirectional illumination.

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I found a little hardware store in Bellingham, WA, That carries LED light bulbs. They only have 95 watt equivelant in two styles, flood and regular bulbs using the standard base. I bought four flood style to try them out. The way we use lights (read cheap) they work in the fixtures that we have them in. The bulbs cost just over $ each for both styles. I don 8767 tknow how often they restock the shilves with light bulbs once they run out. Home Depot won 8767 t carry LEDs untill the warehouse is empty of CFLs.

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I have migrated all but 6 bulbs in my house to CFL and think their great. One other recommendation that I would make is to buy less powerful bulbs whenever possible. I moved my bedside lamps to a 5w CFL from a 68w CFL and barely noticed the difference, saved a couple cents on the initial purchase, and will save on energy use.

Hi tim. My cousin has four sets of flood light on each corner of the house. And on two different switches. 7 to 9 bulbs will blow out every month. Made cause this and how can it be fixed.

If you discover the tab is flattened, then you must turn off the power to the lights, and as an additional safety safety measure, turn off the circuit breaker to the lights.

thank you for solving my problem! recessed kitchen lighting here as well. i used a ceramic knife to gently ease the brass tab away from its backing, then re-inserted the bulbs, only twisting a little after the light went on. all these years i thought the bulbs were burning out. i threw them away and bought new ones only to have the same thing happen. expensive bulbs too! about $67 a pop. the two i thought were blown are working great. so i wasted the bulb money but at least i didn't waste any more on an electrician. thank you again!

And while prices for LED light bulbs were astronomical when we first covered this topic just a few years ago upwards of $655 for one bulb you can now pick up a cheap, 65-watt-equivalent LED light bulb for less than $5.

Although modern CFLs come on right away, they take several seconds or even minutes to come up to full brightness, and most won't work with a dimmer switch. Although CFLs last longer than incandescent bulbs, switching them on and off frequently can greatly shorten their lifespan, so they're not ideal for fixtures that are used for only short periods. Also, CFLs contain a tiny amount of mercury, a hazardous substance. This means they have to be recycled, not just tossed in the trash, and you must take some minor precautions when cleaning up a broken bulb. The . Environmental Protection Agency has more details about disposing of CFLs.

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