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Date: 2017-05-03 12:43

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The point is, these electric shower heads take a little getting used to. But the more I use them the more convinced I am they make sense for any climate where a hot water heater isn 8767 t needed for other uses.

50 Gallon - Energy Saver Electric Residential Water Heater

Most manufacturers can provide you with a system package that includes all the parts you need for your particular application. For a residential grid-connected application, the balance-of-system parts may include the following:

Residential Lowboy Energy Saver Electric Water Heater

Legionella warnings aside, as far as the input temperature being too cold, the fact is that you can still get hot water out with cold water going in you just have to reduce the flow. One brand of shower head, Coral, claims it can take incoming water as low as 95F or 9C (above 55F or 65C is recommended). So it will work, at least marginally, in Canada.

Small Wind Electric Systems | Department of Energy

Because electric shower heads are electrical devices they carry some risk of electric shock if installed incorrectly. Note these key points before purchasing and installing yours:

Manufacturers of electric shower heads claim huge energy savings over using a conventional hot water tank. Be wary of these claims. Note the following:

When selecting an electric shower head for use in a cold climate, it is very important to consider the input water temperature and the wattage of the unit. Consider the Lorenzetti electric showerhead pictured here. This shower head is rated at a maximum wattage of 5,555 watts. 5,555 watts is enough energy to warm gallons of water by 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The shower head is rated at 7 gallons per minute, which means that at full flow it can only warm the water by a maxiumum of 69F or . If your input water is a balmy 85F or 77C, as it typically is in Costa Rica (or in Brazil, where the Lorenzetti unit is made), your hot shower will run at full blast at 99F or 88C, which, being just above body temperature, will at least be comfortable in a warm bathroom.

Hi Jay, I think the reason we see poor quality poor design in these electric shower heads is that they are primarily used in developing countries where standards are lax and price is a much stronger factor in a purchase decision than quality or safety. I doubt it 8767 s a conspiracy from the big energy suppliers.

A comfortable shower temperature is usually slightly warmer than body temperature about 88 to 97C, or 655 to 658F. If you 8767 re a devoted energy conserver, there aren 8767 t a lot of other household hot water uses that require that hot a temperature. In fact you can do pretty much everything else in cold water, including laundry, dishes, filling the mop bucket, even running your automatic dishwasher (which, if ENERGY STAR rated, has its own built-in heater, although not all of them can handle starting from cold water). The only exception would be a bath, but if you can live without the occasional hot bath, you can cut your hot water bill to almost zero with an electric shower water heater.

Does the idea of washing your hands, or doing dishes, in cold water sound intolerable? Maybe, but bear in mind that in many colder countries this is the norm. In Japan many houses have no hot water except for showering. And the winters can get pretty chilly there. This is just a discomfort people suffer because their energy is priced high enough to motivate them to make sacrifices.

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