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Date: 2017-05-05 20:43

EEVblog #848 - Home Energy Savers BUSTED!

30kW energy saver plug teardown and schematic. Oven

Inside a whole-house energy saver.

Trajectum: Team Energy Savers

Chinese Power Saver - Does it actually save power?

Reduce Electricity Consumption upto 40% Gauranteed - ALMIGHTY ENERGY SAVER

Energy saver pro

Electricity Saving Box - (Free Energy?) Power Saver TEST

How to save electricity! - Energy Saving Device REALLY Works

Save Electricity Bills - Impulse Energy Saver (Malayalam Tech Video)

Energy Efficient Products Demonstration (Lowers Power Bill 10-25%)

Energy Savers Nigeria Profile Video

Jono Project The Energy Saver

KVAR Energy Saver

How To Repair CCFL Energy Saver At Home

PPL Energy Savers

Energy Savers- Howe Farming

Energy Saver Lamp repairing

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