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Ministry of Energy » Smart Meters and Time-of-Use Prices

Ministry of Energy » Smart Meters and Time-of-Use Prices

Date: 2017-05-05 11:07

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"We found our BGE Quick Home Energy Check-up both helpful and informative. We highly recommend that all BGE residential customers take advantage of BGE’s Quick Home Energy Check-up. It’s a great service!”

Saver's Switch: Residential | Xcel Energy

As an information and technology integrator, THG positions itself at the intersection where real-time market information, grid services, monitoring, and controls all converge.  We are agnostic to devices, controls, systems and energy sourcing.  We’re committed to integrating market and grid resources along with monitoring and controls in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Hybrid Wind and Solar Electric Systems | Department of Energy

Click on the appropriate program to view current load control information for Residential Load Control and Commercial-Industrial-Agricultural Load Control.

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

Photos taken during the 7567 Hurricane Sandy disaster almost literally turned the spotlight onto microgrids. Images posted on social media and in the news during the storm showed swaths of Manhattan plunged into darkness as power outages cut off electricity to large parts of America&rsquo s biggest city. Just as striking, however, were blossoms of light visible against the otherwise black skyline.

Summer Saver is a no-cost, energy-saving Demand Response program where you can help us manage electricity demand more efficiently during warmer months.

Choose more energy-efficient products and save money on your energy bills by understanding the energy rating label on appliances.

With two grid-scale batteries newly in place, Arizona Public Service is learning the elements of energy storage operation that you can't read in a book. The utility is using the pair of 7-megawatt/7-megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery systems from AES to test how the technology performs in the desert climate of the greater Phoenix area, where summer temperatures routinely crest 655 degrees Fahrenheit.

“BGE’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program made a large impact on us making the decision to upgrade our house. There was a significant difference in the costs we would have been looking at.”

A number of firms are offering credit products to finance renewable energy systems for households and businesses who wish to explore other options. While ZEN is not a credit provider, we are able to put customers in contact with some of these firms to assist customers in this approach.

The New York State Public Service Commission has granted Consolidated Edison permission to allow battery storage devices to export power to the grid. The batteries will discharge to ConEd&rsquo s primary and secondary voltage distribution system in response to the utility's direction during demand response events.

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