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Date: 2017-05-03 17:31

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Her lust for combat is rarely tamed, and her use of magical weapons has been part of her repertoire for decades (Bracelets, Lasso of truth, etc). A hammer that can smash almost anything to dust doesn 8767 t sound too out of place.

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Given that Thor is often seen as Marvel’s Superman, it’s unsurprising that Superman would be able to lift the hammer. The bigger question would be, if Thor used it to pummel Superman, which would break first? The man of steel, or the Uru hammer?

15 Characters Who Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer | Screen Rant

But what makes Jack worthy? He is brave, fearless and always ready for battle. While he may not have a Viking-like lust for combat, each episode of the show had him tearing into Aku’s robotic forces and inflicting incredible amounts of devastation on them showing that he isn’t afraid to unleash the beast when he has to.

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The cold, jarring reality of what we were witnessing struck fear and awe to the core of every one of us. Suddenly beholding its vivid, magnificent structure summoned all emotions at once. You could almost hear our hearts pounding above that suspended instant of silence. Less than thirty yards away, the metallic craft hung motionless, fifteen feet above a tangled pile of logging slash.

Magnus meets up with Annabeth after managing to get in contact with her through a letter sent by raven. She mentions that New York is crazy right now due to the return of "evil Roman emperors." After telling Annabeth about his mission and making it clear that he has trouble with sea gods, Annabeth agrees to help and says that its time for Magnus to meet Percy.

Korra was confined to a wheelchair at one time, and after recovery is unable to summon the elements. She travels the world, gaining a spiritual purity once more and becomes an Avatar again. This isn 8767 t unlike Thor Odinson 8767 s own story he has at times been left powerless, and must become worthy of the hammer once again.

His courage is unquestionable. In Transformers: The Movie he takes on Megatron and his best warriors single-handedly, even giving his life to try to stop Megatron once and for all. It has even become a staple of the character that in just about every iteration he gives his life at least once.

[The] result isn't as much fun as the Iron Man movies, but it's better than The Incredible Hulk and a worthy entry in the fast-growing Avengers series.

The film Avengers: Age of Ultron delivered a mini twist in the form of newly created humanoid robot, the Vision, being able to casually pick up Thor 8767 s hammer and hand it to him. Though it functioned as a quick gag in the movie, it also served the purpose of proving that the Vision was trustworthy when no one had any other evidence to go on. This is unique to the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Vision 8767 s comic book counterpart has not been shown to lift the hammer.

As this list has proved, loopholes can be instrumental when it comes to lifting Thor 8767 s hammer. Both Hulk and Red Hulk have become experts at utilizing Mjolnir without actually needing to be worthy of lifting it.

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