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The Kill-A-Watt meter - Green Energy Efficient Homes

The Kill-A-Watt meter - Green Energy Efficient Homes

Date: 2017-05-03 09:31

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    I paid $65 for my Kill-A-Watt meter about two years ago now, and even though it cost me about three times what they sell for now, it has paid for itself several times over in electricity savings.

    If you decide you don 8767 t need your meter any more if you 8767 ve already measured everything and made your energy saving choices based on what you found donate your meter to your local library, or any other group that lends such meters out. If you are into saving energy partly because you care about the environment, donating your meter will mean many more households will achieve the same savings and reduce their negative impacts on the environment.

    I 8767 ve written extensively about the Kill-A-Watt meter because (A) I 8767 ve used it a lot myself and had great results, (B) it 8767 s one of the most inexpensive on the market, selling online for around $75 US , and (C) it seems to be the most popular, based on how often it pops up on web searches.

    Plug-In Mains Power and Energy Monitor is a 795 volt electricity energy monitor similar to the Kill-A-Watt meter, intended for use in countries with 795 volt current such as the UK. Costs around $67 US (£ 65).

    For some phantom loads (also called vampire loads or electric vampires), the Kill-A-Watt meter can quickly tell you how much power you are wasting on the load. For example, plugging in a cable modem power converter will quickly tell you how many watts the converter uses in its steady state. In my case, the reading was 9 watts.

    If you 8767 re interested in measuring the load of a device that consumes almost no power, such as a string of LED outdoor lights, the wattage reading is not precise enough. I tried measuring one short string of LED lights and the load I got was 5 watts. For such situations, leave the load plugged into the Kill-A-Watt meter for long enough that at least two non-zero rightmost digits appear in the kilowatt hours reading. Then divide by the time in hours. Doing this kind of measurement won 8767 t make much of a dent in your electricity bill, but you may find it thrilling, and motivating to your friends, to tell them that the LED lights you use to light your front yard at night use only watts of electricity!

    Don 8767 t forget to measure phantom loads such as devices with digital clocks that are otherwise not doing anything useful, such as coffee makers, video players, and bread makers. Also, don 8767 t forget to measure how much the coffee maker uses when it 8767 s just keeping coffee warm.

    Kill-A-Watt EZ : This version of the Killawatt meter adds some extra features such as: you enter your electricity rate it estimates costs by week, month and year and it has a battery backup, so that if the power cuts when you 8767 re trying to measure kilowatt hour consumption on a cycling or intermittent appliance (for instance a refrigerator), the Kill-A-Watt EZ can remember how much energy was consumed and how much time has elapsed. Costs around $85 US.

    PowerCost Monitor: Another full-house electricity energy monitor. Does not measure individual device consumption separately. Exterior unit attaches to your power meter and optically reads power consumption from the spinning power dial (analog meters) or optical port (digital meters). Inside unit can be placed anywhere within 85 meters of the electricity meter. Includes several pricing structures including single-rate (same $ per kWh all the time), tiered (different rates based on how much you consume per month, as in Ontario Canada), and time of use (different rates based on the time of day used). Costs around $685 US.

    The wireless system includes a weatherproof sensor that you can attach to your outdoor meter. It should work with most types. The sensor transmits information to the wireless display unit, which you can read from wherever it 8767 s convenient. The system requires four AA batteries, and it 8767 s covered by a 7-year warranty.

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