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Savings and Information - For Your Home - Duke Energy

Savings and Information - For Your Home - Duke Energy

Date: 2017-05-02 15:55

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Every day, we want to be “improving life with energy.” We produce, market and deliver the vital electricity, coal, oil and natural gas that our customers need. Through our efforts, products and services, we also share our personal energy to strengthen our communities and support growth and development.

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ENERGY STAR products are independently certified to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. Saving energy helps prevent climate change. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to save money on your energy bills and help protect our environment.

ThermWise - If You Conserve, You Can Save

Improving your home's energy efficiency with ENERGY STAR can help to lower high energy bills, improve comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about the many ways to save in your home and track your progress with "My ENERGY STAR" - your new dashboard to savings.

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Think you might be paying too much for your gas and electricity? You're not alone. Millions of households are struggling with their energy costs. The good news is, uSwitch can help you compare energy suppliers to find the cheapest electricity deals and cheapest gas deals.

ARPA-E is exploring ways to use microorganisms to convert natural gas into liquid fuel. Learn what this means for transportation in the .

If you've never switched energy before, don't worry it's easier than you think to compare energy prices to ensure you're on the best energy deal for you. If you need assistance, we've got several guides to help answer your questions:

There's no one cheap provider, but there is the cheapest for you. We will show you the cheapest energy suppliers in your area, but we need your basic information to provide an accurate energy comparison.

Don't worry if you don't have one handy though we can work out your gas and electricity usage by asking a few extra questions.

Get a bird&rsquo s eye view of the falcons as they nest, lay eggs, then care for their (last year there were three!) on the ledge of the 88 rd floor of our San Francisco headquarters.

Start by entering your postcode on our site and follow the instructions on-screen to compare energy prices, or just gas or electricity. We’ll provide you with a list of suppliers and how much you could save.

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