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Entertainment Earth: Home of Action Figures: Toys

Entertainment Earth: Home of Action Figures: Toys

Date: 2017-05-01 12:43

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Now, more of the biggest reveals came from the Transformers movie line with Transformers: The Last Knight coming to theaters this summer. Dinobots Grimlock and Slug will have more movie-accurate sculpts. During the presentation, Ben Montana, head of the Transformers department, talked about how in the trailer there&rsquo s this fire-breathing creature in the far distance. It was finally revealed as a three-headed dragon robot aptly-named Dragonstorm. Megatron also has a more movie-accurate sculpt this time around, as well as new characters, Steelbane who takes on the appearance of a knight in the movie, and Sqweeks, a scooter.

An Incredibly Shiny Optimus Prime, and the Rest of This

Due to poor sales in the Spider-Man line, this 5-pack was released in Wal-Marts then after a short time removed from Wal-Marts. It was then rereleased in Toys R Us in much greater quantities, it is unknown why this pack was released in Wal-Mart first as it was intended to be a Toys R Us exclusive from the beginning.

Incoming, a Scifi Horror Short, Gives Body Snatchers WiFi

Anki Overdrive’s intelligent slot cars already had players taking the wheel of souped-up racers that seemed inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. So it only makes sense that Anki would choose the Fast & Furious franchise as its first official licensed property. Available come September, the $675 Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition will include Dom’s (Vin Diesel) Ice Charger and Hobbs’ (The Rock) MXT vehicles, in addition to the custom tracks which allow the cars to track their positions during a race. [ Anki ]

Marvel Milestones Armored Thor Statue - Diamond Select

Like an aging Hollywood star shunned by an industry looking for the next big thing, R7-D7 seemingly can’t compete with the toy-friendly design of BB-8 , and has apparently had to accept other gigs he’s probably not proud of. A few months ago he was happily brewing your morning coffee , but now, as a novelty garbage can, he’s forced to swallow your trash and other refuse. As garbage cans go this one is surprisingly elaborate, however, and you might think twice about what you toss in there after spending $665 on one. [ Toy People News ]

When asked about why that design over the Mr. Knight concept, Stall commented that had been in the running and they never say never to revisiting that figure once again.

&ldquo We&rsquo ve done a lot of voice-changing and amplifying, so with this, not only do we stick to an authentic replica, but we wanted a whole new experience,&rdquo added Ninivaggi. &ldquo Once we landed on Poe Dameron, it all fell into place.&rdquo

This wave is the first, and so far only, wave to include a variant on a 7-pack. While it seems as if both the Nick Fury pack and the SHIELD Agent pack were distributed evenly, at some points both packs looked to be the variant, so it is unknown which, if either one, was intended to be the variation of the pack.

The Iron Man line was created as a tie-in to the Iron Man movie. Three waves were released each consisting of two 9-packs which are all comic based except for the Iron Monger Attacks 9-Pack. The third wave was released to coincide with the DVD release of Iron Man and following the release of that wave, the line ended and merged with the main line's thirteenth wave. The line was restarted with the Iron Man 7 line in January 7565.

Adding to their 67&rdquo Legends line will be Black Suit Spider-Man, Deadpool, Thor, and the Hulk. All coming with variant heads.

A couple years ago Phil Foss figured out how to drift Hot Wheels cars using a special section of track he designed made from corrugated plastic that was printed with a special low-friction surface. Over the years he’s been honing its design, and for wannabe Ken Block’s who can’t afford a souped-up Ford Fiesta, Phil’s Driftpad 8 is now available for $85. You’ll need to add your own Hot Wheels track to the mix for launching your tiny rides, but that’s all you really need to get your die-cast cars sliding around corners. [ tyotoys ]

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