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Best Pool Pump Reviews Guide For 2016 - Pool Heater World

Best Pool Pump Reviews Guide For 2016 - Pool Heater World

Date: 2017-04-30 14:19

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A suction cleaning device may also be connected via specialised fittings on the pool wall, although it may be connected to a dedicated pump.  Back washing the pool system is achieved by switching valves to reverse the flow of the water in order to clean the filter and eject built-up debris.

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If all pool pumps sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy cost savings would grow to about $ billion each year and 77 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented, equivalent to the emission from more than 7 million vehicles.

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo 3HP Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable speed and multi-speed pool pumps can help cut energy costs, as well as offer other desired features. For example, variable speed pumps are quieter, require less maintenance and last longer. Both variable speed and multi-speed pumps, through slower water filtration rates, allow for better and more effective filtration of the pool water. The slower circulation rates also put less strain on the filters, plumbing, and other parts of the system, reducing the chance of leaks, repairs, or premature plumbing component replacement. 6

Waterco Pool Pumps. Hydrostorm Eco 3 speed pool pump

The pool pump-unit consists of an electric motor attached to a mechanical pump, which incorporates an impeller rotating inside the pump housing (see Figure 6).  The efficiency of the pump reflects the efficiency of both the motor and the pump.  The motor’s efficiency is a measure of how well it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.  The pump’s efficiency is a measure of how well it converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.  The hydraulic energy produced by a pump-unit serving a pool system must overcome the system’s resistance-to-flow (expressed in metres of head) to create adequate flow (expressed in litres per minute).

Nobody paid much attention to pool pump efficiency until recently. Then we got the numbers. Pool owners in the US spend about $ billion per year to operate swimming pool systems. To put this in perspective, it takes 79 medium sized power plants to power the systems that keep our pools sparkling. The resulting emissions are equivalent to million cars. It’s no wonder that states are enacting pool legislation at record pace. California, Arizona, Florida and soon to be Texas have laws that require energy efficient pool pumps.

The primary purpose of a pool pump is to circulate pool water through a filter (typically sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridge).  The pump draws water from the pool bottom drain and/or the pool deck skimmer, and forces it through a filter, heater (if fitted) and chlorinator (if fitted).  Water is returned to the pool via a number of return fittings which are typically located on the walls or floor of the pool. 

The key reference document that suppliers should consult when preparing a registration application is the Checklist for Voluntary Energy Rating Labelling Program for Swimming Pool Pump-units. This sets out all the information and forms that suppliers must provide to register their pump-unit.

Got a pool? Then you definitely should have an ENERGY STAR pool pump. If you don’t, you are losing out on big energy savings and other benefits. An ENERGY STAR pool pumps use up to 75% less energy than standard pool pumps saving you up to $855 a year in energy bills, plus even more with a rebate! So what are you waiting for – take the plunge with ENERGY STAR.

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Also, remember it’s always a good idea to do your research and obtain several quotes before making a final decision. You are encouraged to compare products that are labelled under the voluntary program as they provide clear information about their energy performance.

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