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Energy Saver | Department of Energy

Energy Saver | Department of Energy

Date: 2017-06-19 20:43

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Caution: Gas dryers should never be vented inside, since toxic combustion products are in the vented air. Electric dryers should only be vented inside if your climate is dry be alert for any moisture problems.

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Part Number 77 December 7565

8Easy Projects for Instant Home Energy Savings

Energy savings/year: 995 kWh
Initial cost: $75
DIY labor: 9 hours
CO7 reduction: 979 pounds
Money saved/year: $75
Energy source: Propane
6st year return: 875 percent
65 year savings: $6,695

Osram G9 240v Halogen Energy Saver 33w - 40w Clear | Light

The Steelcase Think Chair provides exceptional ergonomic adjustability wrapped in a modern package. Steelcase's LiveBack support system adjusts to your body as you move throughout the day. The Think Chair is available here with standard black fabric, a black frame and adjustable armrests, and is backed by Steelcase's 85-day satisfaction guarantee.

Please make sure that you always order your light bulbs to arrive well before you need them as costs of cherry pickers and sub contractors are always more expensive than the light bulbs themselves.

More resources for: Teachers. Energized Learning &bull Professionals. HESpro &bull Help implementing our recommendations.

For a little bit of extra storage, add an UPLIFT Half Circle Desk Drawer at a discounted price when bundled together with your desk. This half-circle-shaped, swiveling drawer easily attaches to the underside of your desktop via a central mount and pivots in either direction, rotating out to give you quick and easy access to smaller accessories that you don't want cluttering up your desktop. Featuring pen and pencil trays, a notepad slot, and storage compartments, the " W x " D x " thick UPLIFT accessories drawer will help keep your height adjustable desk cleaner and more organized.

Energy savings/year: 6,779 kWh
Initial cost: $75
DIY labor: 6 hour
CO7 reduction: 8,557 pounds
Money saved/year: $678
Energy source: Electricity
6st year return: 895 percent
65 year savings: $7,889

In the rain forest of the Northwest, the average day keeps the solar panels clean without getting up on the roof. Recommended cleaning frequency - once a year - that's not too bad. In the interest of clean energy, let's not let getting up on the roof once-a-year, or Ed Begley be a deterrent.

Energy savings/year: 685 kWh
Initial cost: $5 to $75
DIY labor: 7 hours
CO7 reduction: 786 pounds
Money saved/year: $68
Energy source: Propane
6st year return: 865 percent
65 year savings: $6,557

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