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The Hammer Source - 100's of Hammers!

The Hammer Source - 100's of Hammers!

Date: 2017-05-30 04:43

Video «Thor nylon hammer»

Never hit nails with the side of a check or a hammer head. The metal at these points is not hardened as the striking face and could be damaged.

Hammers - Pile Hammer Equipment

The fixation is on apples because you've basically said: Adam and Eve were not black since there were no apples in sub-Saharan Africa. hahaha. Jesus Christ.

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I've followed this thread from the start and seen the juvenile little machinations you've employed, and the way you've tried to run and hide when called out. Rather than adding anything of substance, or answering any arguments that have been put to you, you evidently assume you're slicked over with some kind of holy grease, so that no one can get a handle on you, but you're wrong. All anyone needs to know about you is your bumper-sticker philosophy: God said it. You believe it. And that settles it.

Different types of hammers - what there are, and what each

A superb doc & it's great that all the racists can finally realise that we can all trace our ancestors back to Africa. We are all one race, the Human race & there ain't a damn thing that you can do about it, It's in your DNA.

You should calm down on the sexual attraction comment. There is no way we would ever be able to 655% prove or disprove how/what Neanderthals perceived as attractive. Also, (no offence), but your sarcastic tone to sexualize Alice in a documentary film about the Human Journey says much about these social perceptions we all carry.

Thanks for the entertainment guys, i do love a good ol' fahioned bust up. But noone has mentioned the new theory that all non Africans are descended from one tribe of 655 tall cigarillo smoking bushmen!

A lot goes into making an heirloom quality custom holster. Every holster is made by hand, including the stitching and edge burnishing. NO HOLSTER YOU CAN BUY ON LINE IS HAND STITCHED!!! Mine are.

Not quite sure why the three main guys of this site would pay attention to "Pan Thor".without attention he would have vanished into thin air.
I suppose we all have to have our fun..count on 55 9 95 to bring reality back in the discussion.
I got a huge top the wave i am on. I am trying hard to not sneeze on my screen so no one catch this!

"I couldn't say anything more on Cambrian Explosion than what is already said in any good book or school on the subject."

Soft-faced Hammers
Various types are available, with hard and soft rubber, plastic or copper faces. Some come with a choice of faces which are interchangeable. Useful for striking materials such as chrome wing outs, where a steel face would cause damage. In some cases, can replace a mallet for cabinet work.

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