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The Incident at Thor's Oak - The Pathology Guy

The Incident at Thor's Oak - The Pathology Guy

Date: 2017-05-01 07:55

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Looking For Thor's Hammer: Neil Gaiman On 'Norse - NPR

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Thor the Thunder is often pictured carrying his hammer called Mjolnir, which he uses as a battle axe. In this Norse Myth, he has to dress up as a girl. If you want to know how that could have happened, listen on.

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The Thor 8767 s Hammer amulet was worn frequently by believers as a symbol of protection- a practice so popular it continued even after most of the Norse population had converted to Christianity. In modern times, is often used as an emblem of recognition for members of the Asatru faith, and as a symbol of Norse heritage.

This is what he said: “Thor, take the bridal veil. Set a pretty cap upon your head. Choose a long dress, with flowers and precious gems embroidered into its hem. Let Freya’s necklace, the wondrous work of dwarfs, shine upon your breast.”

The story of how Mjöllnir came into existence is told in the tale of The Creation of Thor 8767 s Hammer. To briefly summarize:

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Shortly thereafter, Gregory Stark attempted to cause unrest in Korea. When he was confronted by the Ultimates, he managed to take Mjölnir from Thor and use it to subdue him as well as Captain America , before slamming the ground with it causing a massive shock wave which stunned everyone within range. Thor managed to regain Mjölnir and killed Gregory with a lightning bolt. [99]

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