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Видео: The Kill-A-Watt meter - Green Energy Efficient Homes

Date: 2017-05-06 06:19

200kW miracle power saving device.

30kW energy saver plug teardown and schematic.

Commercial Power Saver Project

power saver circuit diagram schematic & PCB by umar

Chinese Power Saver - Does it actually save power?

Inside a whole-house energy saver.


Free Energy Generator 2

E2E power saver circuit diagram schematic

Power Saver review biggest Scam 2011 Save 25% on Your Electric Bill!

Kvar Energy Saving Device

Energy Efficient Products Demonstration (Lowers Power Bill 10-25%)

How to save electricity at home! Energy Saving Devices Demonstration

Demo of Power Saver Device

Electric Power Saver Demo

energy saver device

Mga energy saving device, hindi totoong nakakatipid

Electricity saving box Save On Power Bill Home save 30% 50%

Removing my DIY Power Saver device -the AC Capacitor- from my setup

Electricity Saving Box - (Free Energy?) Power Saver TEST

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