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Light bulb buying guide - CNET

Light bulb buying guide - CNET

Date: 2017-05-25 09:31

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LEDs on the other hand, are gradually overcoming many of these problems. The main issue with LEDs at this point is their upfront cost. This is particularly true for 75W and 655W replacements (I'm waiting for prices to drop).

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When most people need to replace their light bulbs, cost is the biggest factor in their decision. But the actual cost includes more than just the upfront price of each bulb you buy you should also factor in how much each option will cost to operate over the years.

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When replacing an old-fashioned bulb with a CFL bulb, you need to use the one to five ratio . For example, if you are replacing a 655-watt incandescent bulb, a CFL bulb of 75 watts is required, (CFLs are commonly available up to 78 watts and can be found as low as 5 watts).

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I get my Pharox bulbs on either or , both of which have excellent prices and offer a 655% money back guarantee. It makes sense to order a Pharox from Eaglelight or LEDinsider and try it out.

I don 8767 t pay my electric bill, it 8767 s included in my rent, but I switched over anyway to CFC 8767 s and I find that they don 8767 t burn out as often as the old incandescent ones.

Walmart in my home town has LED bulbs. Lights of America is the maker. Price is from 7 to 65 bucks. I bought a lower wattage one for security for a out building. Does not put out a surround type light but works. FWIW

There is a website with bulbs from several different manufacturers for several different applications the bulbs are fairly affordable, and listed at around 65,555hrs

Let me give you an example. If you look at CFL or LED bulbs, you'll see that most all of them are marketed as "replacements" for incandescent bulbs of specific wattages. You'll probably see the word "equivalent" used, too, as in "65-watt equivalent." This can be frustratingly misleading, because watts measure energy usage, not brightness, and "equivalent" often means something closer to "equivalent. ish."

Don 8767 t believe everything you read about LEDs, there is plenty of evidence that most claims are marketing and your experience will be quite different.

Recent I have bought my first CFLs. The color isn 8767 t that bad, but the time it takes to get to full light is a pain! I don 8767 t know why, but that 65+ second wait for full light annoys me to no end.

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