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Choose a Halogen Light Bulb | Philips

Choose a Halogen Light Bulb | Philips

Date: 2017-05-02 19:07

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The very popular stick shape is perfect for functional lighting, typically used for task lighting,or to light up large areas such as corridors or garages, where the bulb is less visible

LED energy saving light bulbs | Philips

LED light bulbs can help you transform any living space with beautiful, warm white light. This guide shows you how LED light bulbs can offer you unlimited lighting possibilities. With LED lighting bulbs, you can save up to 95% energy and money.

Philips Lighting - LED & Conventional lighting solutions

'B' is for Bayonett - it's a bit of a British Empire thing. 'E' is for Edison Screw, dominant in the US thanks to Thomas.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the quickest and easiest way to replace classic light bulbs. See how halogen bulbs offer you a huge choice of lighting possibilities, providing the same quality of warm, sparkling light as classic bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the quickest and easiest way to replace classic light bulbs Energy saving light bulbs - How to choose the right light technology.

I have one incandescent left in my loft that I'd be lucky to use for ten hours a year. I'll probably only switch it if it blows.

The Sunday Telegraph has conducted its own tests on level of illuminance provided by light bulbs from different manufacturers to see whether their claims stand up to scrutiny.

•There are 7 things that make LED bulbs the most energy efficient bulbs very low energy usage and a very long lifetime. That's good news, not just for our environment, but also for you. Long life time

Whether you're looking for exterior lighting with floodlights, garden lanterns and security lights or interior lighting either commercially with bulkheads or domestically with kitchen and bathroom lighting like spotlights and downlights, we have what you need. If you're looking for more portable lighting we offer a range of site lights and torches for your jobs on the move.

Compact fluorescent lamps have to be treated as special waste. They must be taken to your local waste facilities for recycling.

However, the new-style bulbs use up to 85 per cent less energy than traditional bulbs and can last far longer x7568 up to eight years.

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