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Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer

Date: 2017-06-12 01:31

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When the universe was restored, so was Odinson and the rest of its inhabitants with no memory of their temporary demise. Having returned to his status of unworthiness, Odinson journeyed to the realm of Asgard after learning from the Unseen, Nick Fury's secret new identity, about the sudden appearance of a Mjolnir from an alternate reality. When he reached his native realm, Odinson discovered the City of Asgard had vanished, [656] having being captured by the Collector , who had become interested in this second Mjolnir.

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Centuries after the victory of the Asgardians over the Jotuns, Odin decides to make Thor King of Asgard, when Odin is about to name Thor king, he feels the presence of Frost Giants. Odin, Thor and Loki go to the vault and discovered that three Frost Giants have killed two Einherjar, Thor tells his father that Asgard must lead an army to Jotunheim but Odin tells him that is prohibited. Despite the prohibition of his father, Thor and his friends go to Jotunheim to confront Laufey, while in Jotunheim Thor kills and injures many Jotuns but in the course of the fight he and his allies are surrounded by the Frost Giants.

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Sure, the movie is set to include an Asgardian prince, a Valkyrie that once defended the path to Valhalla, and even a truly incredible Hulk. But that 8767 s all an appetizer to the real hero for many fans: Skurge the Executioner. The half-Asgardian, half-Frost Giant powerhouse is to be played by Karl Urban in  Ragnarok , and has remained absent from most of the movie 8767 s marketing. Since he was famously used as a pawn by malevolent rulers, many immediately assumed that he would be carrying out Hela 8767 s orders in the film. But now we 8767 re not so sure.

After discovering that his old love Jane Foster had cancer, [86] Thor confronted a returning Malekith , who had set out to kill every Dark Elf who wouldn't follow him. [87] Thor found himself pitted against Roxxon in a confrontation which left the city of Broxton in ruins. While the rest of the Asgardians left Earth, Thor remained and moved his entire castle from Asgardia to Broxton so the residents of the town had a place to live. [88]

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It wouldn 8767 t be a Marvel movie without some fun, and in a perfect blend of Jack Kirby-esque design, nonchalant badassitude, and adherence to the comic book roots of the character, Thor gets a brand new helmet. One that seems designed in keeping with Sakaar 8767 s overall style but with the flick of a switch, creates a brand new take on Thor 8767 s iconic winged helmet. Think Norse mythology meets  TRON (with a bit of anime thrown in for good measure) and you 8767 re close to the bullseye.

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Bor Burison (paternal grandfather)
Bestla (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased)
Mimir Burison (paternal great-uncle)
Odin Borson (father)
Gaea (mother/maternal step-grandmother)
Frigga (step-mother)
Cul , Vili , Ve (paternal uncles)
Nobilus , Ragnarok (clones)
Cronus , Demogorge (Atum) (maternal half-brothers)
Angela , Laussa (paternal half-sisters)
Balder , Hermod , Vidar (paternal half-brother), Tyr (paternal half-brother)
Loki Laufeyson (adoptive brother)
Hoder (paternal cousin)
Large extended family via Gaea , Loki Laufeyson and others

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