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:nerf thor hammer

:nerf thor hammer

Date: 2017-05-30 06:19

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Even cosmic midtown and others don't feel the same damage wise. Either it was a silent fix or i missed something but seems ok for now.

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LMAO when kids get off for the holidays and get on daddy s computer. Do you understand how tier lists work? Find one professional player, caster, or significant community member . kret who would put thor in S tier. IDK how you can be this stupid and constantly make up data and insult people 65x smarter then you are. Thor is a pick who is rarely picked or banned until the second phase unless you re picking him because you don t want your opponent to have him. There are at least 8 picks above thor in this meta and if you re first picking thor.

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Thor is the starter assassin, and so is easy to play, if you cant play thor (play, not play well) then you wont do much better at anything else). Due to him being easy to play, his abilities aren t complicated. but, this should also imply, that he isn t the best in his class. As of the start of season 7 worlds, he is. period.

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When a God is used in over half of all games and single handedly causes victories even for pro teams, I wouldn t say they re at the focal point of balance.

I still think they went too far with adjusting lightning hammer down, but I'm having fun again with Thor as a hybrid. My only problem right now is a low crit chance (~99% instead of typical 55+) which I somehow need to fix - been raising it some with Omegas. To make Thor work in melee range, Shield of Perseus is a must along with some defensive Omegas to combat his inherent squishiness. I think the larger problem I have is that there are too many characters I want to level and play, lol.

Thor is one of the most balanced gods in the game, bringing a lot to the battlefield. He s on par with my long-life bro Hun Batz, and in a lot of comps he does even better. He don t need a nerf by any means.

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It is made to resemble Mjolnir , Thor's trusty hammer. It is made of the typical foam used in most Nerf items. On the hammer is a pattern of a lightning bolt.

That sounds great tbh, or just reduce how long his insane stuns are, an assasin shouldnt not have more cc than most guardians do

Literally the only reason he s not classed as a warrior is because he has a global ult. A warrior with global presence and such high mobility would be really scary so they kept him away from that (kinda).

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